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Lewiston Wildlife Habitat Area

The Lewiston Wildlife Habitat Area is a wildlife-friendly oasis located within the city limits.


Registered with the National Wildlife Federation as a “Backyard Wildlife Habitat Area,” the five-acre area provides an excellent way to observe wild birds, mammals and aquatic creatures. A paved path meanders through meadows and a small forest planted with a variety of trees and shrubs. Deer, coyote, raccoon, rabbit, skunks, amphibians, reptiles and over 115 bird species have been observed here.

The area includes:

  • A rock fountain and meandering stream spills into a small pond.
  • An underwater viewing window provides a glimpse of crayfish, snails and tiny fish.
  • Benches along the trail set amid flowering plants that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and other insects.
  • An observation gazebo is outfitted with one-way glass and surrounded by bird feeders, providing up-close wildlife viewing.

The area is handicap accessible and is open anytime to self-guided tours.

Pedestrians and wheelchairs are allowed. No pets, skateboards, joggers or bikes.


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