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Local Athletes Earn Medals in Treasure Valley Karate Invitational

BOISE – Five Karate Competition athletes from Martial Arts America brought a total of 19 medals and the Grand Champion Trophy to Lewiston this weekend.


Martial Arts America Competition Team from Austin Arnett’s Martial Arts America in Lewiston, Idaho competed in Southern Idaho on Saturday. Martial Arts America Competition Team athletes traveled to Boise for the Treasure Valley Karate Invitational hosted by Treasure Valley Booster Club and Sensei Vanessa Perkins of Meridian, Idaho. 

This was the first tournament of the karate season for the team. Five members of the Martial Arts America Competition Team, including AAU Technical Coach Sydni Stocks, competed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida over the summer but most of the team has not competed since March. Since then, the Competition Team has welcomed new members and has been gaining experience for bigger tournaments, such as the Ozawa Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada, and AAU Karate Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Sensei and MMA Fighter Austin Arnett was also in Boise on August 8th, 2022, and won the Lightweight Championship against Nathan Stolen. 

The competition team members that competed in the Treasure Valley Karate Invitational:

Rhyli Stocks – GRAND CHAMPION BLACK BELT KUMITE; 14-year-old Black Belt Females- Kata 2nd; Kumite 1st; Rotational Kumite 3rd; Kobudo (weapons) 2nd

Roen Howlett – 12-year-old Brown Belt Females- Kata 4th; Kumite 3rd; Kobudo (weapons) 4th; Blocker Sparring 2nd

Aaron Sauve – 11-year-old Brown Belt Males- Kata 2nd; Kumite 1st; Rotational Kumite 3rd; Kobudo (weapons) 2nd; Blocker Sparring 2nd

Kya Svancara – 8-year-old Green Belt Females- Kata 1st; Kumite 2nd; Kobudo (weapons) 2nd; Blocker Sparring 2nd; Flag Sparring 2nd

Conley Svancara – 6-year-old White Belt Males- Blocker Sparring 3rd; Flag Sparring 2nd

Martial Arts America is located at 650 Thain Rd. in Lewiston.

Martial Arts American Competition Team is a subordinate of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and in AAU District – Inland Empire AAU Karate. They can be contacted on Facebook or by email: [email protected]


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