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Lolo Pass Visitor Center Invites Public to Participate in Second Annual ‘Trashy’ Challenge

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KAMIAH— For the second year in a row, the  Lolo Pass Visitor Center, located on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests is challenging the public to help beautify their public lands to celebrate Public Lands Day. Last year, visitors to our forests picked up 784 pounds of trash, which is about the weight of an adult male grizzly bear. This year, forest staff have laid down the gauntlet, challenging our visitors to exceed last year’s massive haul and effort.

Visitors can participate by bringing trash that they pick up on the trails, roads, and campgrounds of our forests to the staff at the Lolo Pass Visitor Center on Monday September 18th and Thursday, September 21st through Sunday September 23rd where it will be weighed and tallied. We cannot accept biohazardous material and strongly suggest wearing protective gear such as gloves; free gloves and trash bags will be available at the Lolo Pass Visitor Center.

Interpretive Specialist Sam Berglund issued the challenge, explaining: “People visiting our forests have an opportunity to do a simple but important project that can contribute to improve conditions on their public lands. Every little bit counts. You can spend all week or just 5 minutes and be a part of keeping your public lands pristine.”

September 23rd is the 30th annual National Public Lands Day. All throughout the country, people connect with and celebrate their connection with the environment in the largest volunteer day of service for our public lands. The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, as the fifth largest National Forest in the U.S. is proud to participate and help foster the connection between people and the land that this holiday celebrates.