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National Forest Service Stated Smoke in the Valley From Wildfires in Oregon and California

LEWISTON – Where there is smoke, there is fire……just not always where you might expect. Wildfires in California and Oregon are starting to make their presence known here on the Camas Prairie and in other parts of Idaho in the form of hazy skies.

The smoke generated from these wildfires is beginning to settle in under the high-pressure weather pattern that has been dominating the Pacific Northwest recently. The Oak Fire and McKinny Fire in California, along with the Windigo Fire in Oregon, are all lined up with Southwest flow aloft which is creating a direct route for smoke to travel and settle into our area.

For more information on air quality and wildfire smoke in Idaho, please visit: The air quality index for most of North-central Idaho is still in the “Good” to “Moderate” range, but may continue to deteriorate if current conditions sustain.

There are currently no active wildfires on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests; however, there is possible lightning in the forecast across the region this week, and fire danger has been increasing with the temperatures. Local firefighters remain prepared to respond to any new wildfire starting in the forest.

For the latest Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests fire information, visit or contact your local ranger station.

Photo: Idaho’s Camas Prairie obscured by smoke from California and Oregon wildfires, Courtesy Photo taken by Jim Wimer