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Need to Check in a Bear, Mountain Lion or Moose in the Panhandle? Here’s Everything you Need to Know

Mandatory checks for bears, mountain lions and moose are an important tool we use to understand and manage those species. The Idaho Fish and Game Panhandle Regional office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we are ready and available to conduct mandatory checks during those hours of operation.

We also understand that there are times when a visit to our regional office isn’t an option due to proximity or timing. 

Below is a list of businesses authorized to conduct mandatory checks of bears, moose and mountain lions in the Panhandle.  These businesses may offer business hours on weekends or otherwise outside of our operating hours, although that is up to the specific business.

  • Avery: 
    • Avery Store
  • Bonners Ferry: 
    • Far North Outfitters
  • Clark Fork: 
    • Holiday Shores Marina
  • Oldtown: 
    • North Ridge Outfitters
  • Ponderay: 
    • North 40 Outfitters
  • Prichard: 
    • G&G River Stop
  • Priest Lake: 
    • Tamrak True Value
  • St. Maries: 
    • Blue Goose Sport Shop
  • Wallace: 
    • True Value Building Maintenance

Many taxidermists in the Panhandle are also able to check bears, mountain lions and moose, but hunters will need to contact them to determine their availability and hours of operation.

Please do not call the Citizens Against Poaching Hotline or other law enforcement agencies in an attempt to locate an available checkpoint. These lines are specific to the reporting of wildlife and other crimes, respectively.

Please contact the Panhandle Regional office at (208) 769-1414 if you have any questions about the mandatory check process for bears, mountain lions or moose.

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