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New Fentanyl Pill Distribution Discovered by Idaho Law Enforcement

LAPWAI – A new trend in Fentanyl Pill distribution has recently been discovered. Fentanyl pills have been seized by Idaho Law Enforcement which has a “30” imprinted on one side and an “M” within a square, on the other side.

These pills were manufactured in multiple pastel colors, which gives these pills the appearance of candy i.e., Skittles or Sweet Tarts. These pills can be ingested and have been manufactured to taste like candy.

The Fentanyl contained in these pills is extremely dangerous to all, but especially to young and adolescent children who may ingest these pills thinking they are candy and possibly ingesting more than one based on the sweet taste.

If you encounter pills that resemble the pills displayed in the photograph (click here) or any pills or substances that are suspicious please contact the Nez Perce Tribe Police Department. Never open a baggie, folded-up piece of paper, or currency “bindles” that you find lying around.

Crushed-up Fentanyl pills and/or powder Fentanyl is at times stored in baggies, containers, or bindles and if opened it is possible for Fentanyl particles to be released into the air and possibly inhaled or make contact with the eyes and/or mucous membranes. This exposure can cause an immediate and life-threatening opioid overdose.

Leave the package or container where it was found and immediately call law enforcement who will respond and safely collect the suspicious containers or bindles.

Your cooperation and assistance are greatly appreciated.

Daniel Taylor, CID Lieutenant

Nez Perce Tribe Police Department

(208) 621-3653

Office: (208) 843-7141

Criminal Investigation Division (208) 621-3653