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Nez Perce County Republican Women’s Club Hosts Candidate Forum for Community Members Before Upcoming Election.

LEWISTON – The Nez Perce County Republican Women’s Club hosted a candidate forum Tuesday, April 12, allowing individuals around the community to learn more about why each candidate is running for their position.

Heather Moore, president of the NPC Republican Women’s Club, explained the opportunity to meet and listen to primary candidates makes it easier to be prepared for the primary election on May 17.

“Our club strives to educate the community on conservative principles and values,” Moore said. “NPC Republican Women’s Club welcomes anyone with conservative ideals who are interested in being politically informed or involved.”

The lunch consisted of candidates stepping up and giving a five-minute speech about themselves and their values. Following that, there was a quick Q and A session to allow community members to learn more about what each candidate would do if elected.

Dorthy Moon, an individual running for Secretary of State, started off by explaining where she is from and the off-the-grid lifestyle she lives and loves. She stated she is running because rural Idaho is losing its representation. “I am done playing nice,” Moon said. “We have to start acting like a sovereign state.”

Current District 6A State Representative Lori McCann started her speech off by explaining what an honor it has been to represent “this wonderful district”. She explained she has been passionate about education and is re-running to continue her fight.

Two individuals present who have not been heard speak at many events quite yet were Keith Stuffle and Brandon Mitchell. Stuffle mentioned he’s had the blessing of teaching at Lewiston High School and decided to step up and run for District 7 State Senator to protect freedoms and build Idaho’s rights. “Our country is going through tough times,” Stuffle said. “As a Senator, I will trust our citizens to use their own free will for good.”

Brandon Mitchell, who is running unopposed in the primary for District 6B State Representative, explained his plans to further the fight for the unborn if elected. “I am very pro-life,” Mitchell said. “We have fostered a lot of kids and it shows.”  

Overall, candidates also mentioned how important clubs like the NPC Republican Women’s Club are, and how thankful they were for the support of Moore and the LC Valley community. Nez Perce County Commissioner Doug Zenner mentioned he knows firsthand how important republican women are. He explained is baby granddaughter, who was in attendance, is a future republican woman herself.

As elections are right around the corner, the Nez Perce County Republican Women’s Club invites anyone in the community, men or women, from Clarkston or Lewiston, to stop by and learn more about candidates, elections, and so much more.

“We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at noon at the Hells Canyon Grand Hotel,” Moore said. “Come be a part of a great group of individuals making a positive impact in our community.”