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The Lewis Clark Animal Shelter received a $25,000 donation from P1FCU for their building campaign. Chris Loseth, P1FCU President and CEO presented the check during a ceremony at the new shelter site today. The new shelter site is located south of the Lewiston Nez Perce County Airport at the corner of Southport Avenue and Airpointe Place in Lewiston.


“We are truly grateful for P1FCU’s donation,” says Audrey Williams, Director of Operations. “This donation brings us one step closer towards building and uniting our community for the future betterment of animal care and community support.” “It helps us kick off our next phase to create a safe environment for the animals in our community and a place for our community to gather in their love for animals,” says Becky Sturmer, Development Director.

“P1FCU supports many community events and projects to benefit the residents of the valley,” says Loseth. “The Animal Shelter takes care of animals, places them in homes and with people who need a wonderful pet to be a part of their lives. They say people live longer that have pets and there are so many people who reply on their animal friends for support and strength. It’s a wonderful thing to support organizations that take care of animals and benefit the welfare of animals and their animal owners.”

The ”Building for the Paws” campaign will provide the resources needed to build a new facility to care for the animals in our community. A goal of $7 million will provide new dog and cat housing with an emphasis on reducing stress and disease transmission, as well as provide necessary services to the community.

The current location has inadequate quarantine, isolation, and surgery areas and outdated surgery equipment. The surgery prep area doubles as a laundry room and storage area. The new shelter will have separate areas for adoptions, clinic operations, quarantine, holding, and visitation. It will be a safe and comfortable space for animals, shelter staff, and the community.

The Lewis Clark Animal Shelter has served the Lewis Clark Valley since 1950. The agency’s mission is to provide shelter, health care and neglect/abuse intervention for stray and abandoned pets. To provide humane education, enhancing the human-animal bond and to end pet over-population through an aggressive spay/neuter campaign.

Visit or call 208.746.1623 for more information on the new shelter and giving opportunities to help make the new shelter a reality.

left to right:
Brian Brackett (P1FCU), Paul Laney (P1FCU), Chris Loseth (P1FCU president & CEO), Wyatt Baldwin (P1FCU), Becky Sturmer (Shelter Director of Development), Bob Keller (Shelter Board Member), Lucy Dukes (Shelter Board Member), Patsy Pfefferkorn (Shelter Board Member), Kayla Yardley (Shelter Board Member), Renee Olsen (P1FCU Community Development Manager), Crystal Nelson (Shelter Board Member), Audrey Williams (Director of Operations), Joyce Keefer (Shelter Board Member)



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