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Plane Lands Successfully in Lewiston After Reported Engine Troubles

At 08:34 this morning the Lewiston Airport Tower was notified by a pilot of engine troubles and the aircraft was headed back to the Lewiston Airport. Lewiston Fire Department responded to the Alert II issued by the tower.

Crews from station four were staged at the airport prior to the airport arriving in Lewiston. A structure engine and the airport CFR vehicle responded to the airplane upon the successful landing of the aircraft.

The aircraft was a small twin-engine BE-60 plane with 3 passengers on board. The aircraft had departed Lewiston 10 minutes prior and was headed for Idaho Falls. The plane was able to land successfully with no damage to the plane and no injuries reported.

The Lewiston Fire Department responded with 3 structure engines, 3 ambulances, the airport CFR truck and one chief officer, totaling 16 personnel. The cause of the mechanical issue is under investigation.