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Pullman Police Department Sharing Tips for 9-1-1 Education Month.

PULLMAN – If there was an emergency, would your child/ren know how to call for help? Here are some simple tips for teaching them:

– Always refer to 9-1-1 as “nine-one-one”. Remember, there is no “eleven” on a keypad.

-Teach your child to report emergencies from a safe place. Explain that if they are in immediate danger (such as near a fire), it is important that they reach safety before calling for help.

-Make sure that your child knows his/her full name, as well as the names of his parents/caregivers.

-Practice your full address, including building names and apartment numbers.

-Help your child memorize your telephone number(s). Post your address and phone number(s) in an accessible location, and make sure that he/she knows where to find them.

-Practice giving basic directions to your home, from the nearest main road, intersection, or major landmark.

“While we hope the time never comes, it is important for every child to be prepared to call for help,” Pullman PD said. “Spending a few minutes on these items every day could make all the difference.”