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Pullman Regional Hospital Speech Language Pathologist Publishes Children’s Book

PULLMAN — Keri Jones, a Speech Language Pathologist with Pullman Regional Hospital has written and published a children’s book titled “Speech Sounds Adventures: Miss R,” and it is now available on Amazon.

Through her 22-year career in speech therapy, Jones was inspired to write a book that helps children pronounce “R” sounds through a “choose your own adventure” format. The book, written for children ages three and older, complements a mobile app, Speech Sounds Visualized, which pairs video images and video x-ray to show mouth and tongue placement.

The app is for people of all ages, was also inspired by Jones, and was launched in 2017 with support from Pullman Regional Hospital’s Center for Learning & Innovation.

“Articulation challenges with letters ‘r, s, and l’ are very common amongst children. During sessions, I found myself asking my pediatric patients, ‘now, where did the ‘r’ go?’ The idea to develop a book about travel adventures came to me very early one morning; with the support of the hospital’s Center for Learning & Innovation—we now have a book!” said Keri Jones. “My hope is this book makes articulation approachable and enjoyable for children, parents, and speech and language professionals.”

The Center for Learning & Innovation at Pullman Regional Hospital supports hospital employees pursue ideas that improve patient care, and the patient experience and contribute to overall better health.

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