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Reminder About Nez Perce Clearwater National Forest Service Roads

Over the weekend, a vehicle accident was reported on Swiftwater Road (FSR 470). No injuries were reported in the accident.

The Swiftwater Road is one available detour around the current Selway Road (FSR 223) rockslide. That being said, Swiftwater Road is a very narrow road with some current landslides of its own, and it is recommended the public avoid the use of this road if possible.

If you must access the Selway, consider taking the Ohara Road (FSR 461). We do not recommend hauling trailers on either Swiftwater Road or Ohara Road due to the steep, narrow, mountainous nature of the roads, including tight hairpin turns and blind corners.

Please use extreme caution when traversing the Ohara or the Swiftwater roads, as there are active logging operations on both roads, and there is an increase in traffic due to the Selway road rockslide. Drive defensively and expect to encounter logging equipment and other traffic on either detour route.

Kidder-Harris Highway District is still responding to the rockslide on the Selway Road and determining the safest method to clear the route, as surrounding debris is still unstable. For your safety, please continue to avoid the area of the slide. Additional information on the status of the Selway Road will be updated here as it is received.

Detour routes from the Selway are as follows:

Detour 1:

Swiftwater Road FSR 470, to FSR 653, to FSR 286, to FSR 1842, to Kooskia. NOTE: Swiftwater has two large slides on it and it is recommended that vehicles with trailers NOT attempt this route. There is no place to turn around, and the road is too narrow.

Detour 2:

Ohara Road 651, to FSR 464, to FSR 284, to Town of Clearwater, to Highway 13. Trailers are not recommended. Narrow with pinch points/switchbacks.

NOTE: These detour routes will take several hours to traverse.