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Reminder to Take Care of Animals as Temperatures Heat up.

LEWISTON – As temperatures start to warm up we need to remind you of the dangers of keeping pets in vehicles during warm days. Even if it’s “just for a quick moment…”.

Laws vary from city to city and state to state. To gain clarification on what actions are okay within the city of Lewiston, ID, Idaho Animal Rescue Network spoke with LPD Code Enforcement Officer, Janie Schaefer.

“Please inform the business of the car and license plate. They might be able to get the owners out there faster. If that doesn’t work, then call LPD and stay with the car, giving the make and model, color, and license plate number. Tell the dispatcher exactly where the car is parked so time isn’t wasted trying to find one car in a large parking lot. Stay on scene until we arrive. They have the option to sign a citation for animal neglect once the owners have been located and the officer is done with their investigation.” Janie says.

As a reminder, “You do NOT have the ability to shatter windows or break into vehicles. That’s allowed some places, but not Idaho. That person will be charged with destruction of personal property.”

Please also remember to provide your animals with cool clean water, and shade/shelter, and check on them frequently when they are outside in the heat. Check asphalt temperatures before walking dogs as well and offer water breaks during those walks.

Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe.