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SPD Link Suspect to Tow Different Downtown Assaults

Spokane, Wash – (Release from City of Spokane Police Department) On September 15, 2022, around 4:00 am in the Downtown Spokane area, a female was approached outside her apartment complex by an unknown male. The male made sexual advances towards the victim after she refused to give him a cigarette. The victim attempted to ignore the suspect before he viciously attacked her, stabbing her in the hip area and punching her several times. The victim was able to break away from her attacker, contact police and describe the male suspect. She was transported to a local hospital for her injuries.
In a separate incident in January 2023, Avondre C. Graham (28) was arrested for assaulting a female in the downtown area in a similar manner to the September 2022 incident. Due to the similarities in the two assaults, SPD detectives were also able to link Graham to the September attack. He is now charged with another count of assault in the second degree with sexual motivation and remains in the Spokane County Jail.
Additionally, since Graham’s January arrest, SPD detectives have also charged him with 5 DV order violations stemming from a previous DV assault.
Graham was released from prison in early 2022 after serving 10 years for stabbing another woman to death in 2012.