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Suspect, Tries Using Multiple Names, Arrested for Commercial Burglary and Several Warrants 

SPOKANE VALLEY – On August 29, 2022, just prior to 2:00 am., Spokane Valley Deputies responded to the report of a possible burglary in progress at a construction site in the 900 block of S. Carnahan Road.

The caller stated he observed an unknown suspect trying to get into a storage crate at the location, which is gated and fenced.

Deputy Z. Stewart, Deputy T. Ball, and Deputy R. Sullivan responded to the location. As Deputy T. Ball and Deputy R. Sullivan entered the property and began checking the area, Deputy Z. Stewart positioned himself on S. Carnahan Road.

Soon after, Deputy Z. Stewart heard rustling from bushes inside the barbed wire fence. He shined his flashlight on the hill toward the location of the noise and noticed a male subject climbing up toward him.

He challenged the male, who complied and was taken into custody.

The male, eventually identified as 36-year-old Andrew J. Holstad, gave several names and dates of birth, but no matches were found. One of the names Holstad used came back with a different date of birth, showed no Washington driver’s license, but had local law enforcement contacts. Deputy Z. Stewart compared the physical descriptors and a picture of the possible person and determined Holstad had lied again. Holstad provided another name and birth date, but that also returned with no record found.

Holstad finally provided his real name and date of birth, which showed he had a felony warrant out of Idaho and a local misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. Deputy Z. Stewart confirmed Holstad’s identity by a known photo.

Deputy R. Sullivan located and recovered a sinch-style bag on the property near the location Holstad was observed on camera. The bag contained a DeWalt drill with a bit installed, which matched another bit in Holstad’s pocket. A knife and a screwdriver were also found during the search.

Being advised of his rights, Holstad agreed to answer questions. He said he was walking home and had the tools because he was working on a friend’s stereo. Holstad would not provide details about what occurred on the property and denied involvement in a crime. He said that although he lied earlier about his name, he was now telling the truth.

Holstad was wearing one glove on his hand, which Deputy R. Sullivan noticed matched a glove on the ground near a lock that appeared to have been drilled out. Deputy R. Sullivan retrieved the glove, which had metal shavings on it, and it matched the one Holstad was wearing. When confronted with this information, Holstad tried to explain it away, saying it was found on the ground where metal shavings were already.

Holstad was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for Commercial Burglary, Making/Possessing Burglary Tools, Malicious Mischief 3rd Degree, Criminal Impersonation 1st Degree, and Making False or Misleading Statements. He is also being held on two misdemeanor warrants for Driving while Suspended 2nd Degree and could face extradition to Idaho for his felony warrant.

Holstad remains in the Spokane County Jail with a total bond set at $1,500.