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The Area Surrounding the Williams Creek Fire Near Orogrande Moved to GO

The area surrounding the Williams Creek Fire near Orogrande has now been moved to GO. Fire behavior has increased dramatically, and it is recommended to go now.

Please see for the most up-to-date information on this fire and zoom in on the fire to see its perimeter.

1. READY: An evacuation warning may be issued to an impacted population based on current or projected incident threats and hazards. Residents within the designated area should prepare to evacuate. Readiness includes preparing to evacuate, monitoring threat conditions, securing one’s residence, identifying personal items to transport, and arranging for the care and/or removal of pets and livestock. Persons with disabilities may require special assistance. As conditions change, a reasonable attempt will be made to communicate these changes with the affected population.

2. SET: Incident conditions indicate that a dangerous escalation has occurred, or is determined to be imminent, directly threatening life and safety; incident control measures have been or are about to be severely compromised. Evacuation routes should be designated by law enforcement and/or incident personal and communicated to the public. Everyone within the area should be prepared or Set to leave at a moment’s notice. Normally, an evacuation recommendation will also be issued at this time. In Idaho County, residents declining to evacuate will be asked by sheriff’s office personnel to sign a formal declination. If conditions change, efforts will be made to advise residents of the change(s).

3. GO: The specific threat to life and public safety within a designated area is immediate, and evacuation, or Go now, is strongly recommended. The public should immediately depart the area. Those choosing to remain in the designated evacuation area may not receive additional notices or further emergency service response or support, because of the danger. Law enforcement officials will use all reasonable means to evacuate residents, maintain area security and control the area ingress and egress. Residents will be notified when conditions allow a safe return to the evacuated area.