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The Bakers Table Bringing Great Food, Smiles, and Friendships to Pomeroy.

POMEROY – The Bakers Table is a place to gather, make new friends, and enjoy delectable treats that could bring a smile to anyone’s day.

Katrina Sharp, owner of Pomeroy’s newest business has a passion for bringing people together and saw a need in the area that could be filled with The Bakers Table. In their breathtaking 1906 building, the goal is for community members to feel loved and accepted all while eating mouthwatering food.

“I just wanted to have an avenue for people to build relationships and meet friends,” Sharp said. “I have a love for coffee and I got together with my business partner who loves to bake. I love the business aspect.”

From freshly baked cinnamon rolls, pies, cookies, brownies, and more. The Bakers Table has you covered for your morning treats. However, Sharp explained they also officer beautifully crafted artesian sandwiches on freshly baked bread, soups, and more for lunchtime gatherings.

Even though the food is something individuals will travel miles to experience, the company is why they stay. Sharp explained her favorite part of The Bakers Table is the genuine smiles and laughs that come from members of the community as they sit at their tables.

“I think my favorite memory has been meeting with a man who had lived in the area for an entire year,” Sharp said. “He comes every day and sits with a cup of coffee and a pie. He told me he has met so many people sitting at that table. That meant so much that last month, he was our customer of the month.”

Customer of the month started at The Bakers Table to honor their regulars in a new way. They get their picture and three fun facts about them posted to the Facebook page, and get a free pastry.

“People will say congrats when they see them so people are loving on them in a new way,” Sharp said. “Everyone knows everyone here and I love the small town vibe. They want to know about you and your family history.”

In the coming years, Sharps’s goal is to simply keep doing what she is doing and provide smiles, love, and appreciation to those who need it. Eventually, she would love to expand into the LC Valley more. However, in the meantime, everyone is welcome to take the scenic drive to the little slice of heaven that sits in Pomeroy and experience the good company and great food that comes with The Bakers Table.  

They are located at 847 Main Street Pomeroy, WA 99347, and are open from Tuesday – Saturday 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.