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The Daily Dive – What is Your Favorite Family Tradition or Activity?

June 12, 2024

Idaho Families Spend Just 4 hours and 30 mins of Quality Together Each Week, According to Survey.

  • Families in the Gem State spend 4% more time together compared to 6 years ago.
  • 5% of families ban cell phones at the table
  • Interactive map showing how much quality time families spend together in each state. 

Spending time with family is universally cherished as one of life’s profound yet fundamental joys. Indeed, a Pew Research Center survey found that for many Americans, family time is a paramount priority. Backyard Oasis, a company that offers premium backyard furniture & gear, recently conducted a survey of 3,000 families to determine how much quality time they spend together each week.


The survey revealed that the average Idaho family spends just 4 hours and 30 minutes of quality time together each week (compared to a national average of 6 hours and 17 minutes). While that might sound like just enough time to binge-watch a couple of episodes of your favorite show, compared to a similar study in 2018, families are only spending 11 minutes more per week together. This is a 4% increase compared to six years ago.

There were notable geographical variations. North Dakota families, for example, spend 8 hours and 30 minutes together each week, an increase of almost 100%. On the other hand, families in West Virginia spend the least amount of time together.

Interactive map showing how much quality time families spend together across America (click on ’embed’ to host on your site)

Backyard Oasis delved further into the topic of quality family time. They asked Idaho respondents how many times they sit together for meals each week, with the average being four times.

When it comes to activities, families have varied preferences. The survey found that the most favored activity for families to do together is watching TV or movies, with 41% of respondents choosing this option.

Other popular activities include:

  • Playing board games or video games: 17%
  • Traveling or taking day trips: 15%
  • Engaging in outdoor activities (e.g., hiking, biking): 13%
  • Cooking or baking together: 13%

Of course, organizing these activities can sometimes be a bit tricky. Almost half of the families (49%) said planning family trips is the toughest challenge. Fifteen percent find coordinating a simple family meal to be a Herculean task, while 14% said getting everyone together for sports is the hardest.

And then there’s the question of technology. When asked about the use of electronic devices during family time, 12% of families admitted that phones are always welcome at the dinner table. A more laid-back 67% said devices are sometimes allowed, while a strict 5% said they’re banned altogether.

Family time is a cornerstone of happiness and well-being,” says Andy Wu of Backyard Oasis. “Despite modern day challenges, the good news is that families are spending nearly two hours more together each week compared to a few years ago, which is a positive trend. We hope these insights encourage more families to prioritize and cherish their time together, creating lasting memories and stronger bonds.”

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