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The New City of Lewiston Launches a New and Improved Publication.

City of Lewiston

LEWISTON – The City of Lewiston is excited to announce the launch of a new publication that has a familiar feel. Living Lewiston is a City-issued magazine that brings together what were several different publications into one; the Parks and Recreation Program Guide, the Lewiston City Library Program Guide, and general city news and announcements.

Now, all of these important publications have merged into one, so residents have everything they may need or want to know in one convenient source.

In addition to an all-encompassing city program guide, with activities and events for all ages, you will find special interest articles regarding various projects and important issues within the community. There will be new, timely information in every issue.

“Transparency, effective communication, and valuable service are always at the forefront of public information projects like this,” City of Lewiston Public Information Officer Carol Maurer said. “All City departments provide unique services that increase the quality of life for residents and visitors. The decisions made by elected leaders impact these services and those who receive them; this information should be streamlined, making it easy to find and understand.”

This magazine is available online(PDF), at the Lewiston Community Center, Lewiston City Library, City Hall, other City facilities, and various public entities and businesses around town.

A new issue will be published quarterly and each will include a message from the Mayor about current happenings, seasonal programming, special interest stories, and much more.