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This Day in History

What happened this day in History?


1895- German scientist discovers X-rays

1994- Proposition 187 is approved in California

1973- Maurice Ferre becomes first Puerto Rican to lead a major U.S. mainland city

1923- Beer Hall Putsch begins

1994- Salvatore “Sonny” Bono is elected to the U.S. Congress

1994- The Republican Revolution

1965- Lawrence Joel awarded Medal of Honor

1951- Yogi Berra is the AL MVP

1887- Doc Holliday dies of tuberculosis

1900- Margaret Mitchell, author of “Gone with the Wind”, is born

1974- Ted Bundy botches an abduction attempt

1960- John F. Kennedy elected president

1864- Abraham Lincoln reelected

1962- Sun sets on the Ford Rotunda

1939- Hitler survives assassination attempt


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