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TOO CUTE TUESDAY – Can you be a Furever Home for Sunny?

LEWISTON – This fun and goofy pup Sunny is slowly becoming the longest-staying resident at the Lewis Clark Animal shelter. She is an almost four-and-a-half-year-old Terrier, American Staffordshire/Mix who is spayed.


Firstly, she is a very fun-loving girl, but she doesn’t just show it to just anyone. Sunny is very reserved and shy when meeting new people. She had a very loving first home, but unfortunately, her owner was no longer in a place to take care of her anymore, and the LCAS staff thinks she took the surrender very hard.

Sunny has her mother by her side here at the shelter, but the staff believes it’s time for Sunny to find her own way without her. She can be a vocal dog. Sunny likes to make sure people passing by know she is watching them so they don’t do anything silly.

She loves to be outside and play with her toys. She hasn’t been able to be properly introduced to any other dog residents at the Lewis Clark Animal Shelter yet as the staff says no one here knows how to behave with each other. So, they spend their time making fun of each other through their kennels.

Cats are probably a no-go for Sunny, but she would be willing to give them a shot.

If you are interested in Sunny, your first meeting will probably be rough as she needs time to be confident with you and herself, so she hopes you are willing to give her a second chance.


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