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TOO CUTE TUESDAY – Cream is Ready for her Furever Home

PULLMAN – Are you a little lad…? Do you love berries and cream…? The Whitman County Human Society has Cream, you just need to acquire berries! Cream is a little (girl) lad who wants to love you. She is BERRY loving and energetic and is WCHS’s longest resident.

Cream is 2 years 8 months and 4 days old. She is a medium Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix, and has been waiting for a stable and loving home to call her own for quite some time now. She initially spent the first period of her life at a rescue organization in Forth Worth, Texas before being transferred over to us at WCHS. This sadly means that the only long-term home or family Cream has ever known, has been within shelter walls.

When you first enter their dog building to visit with Cream, you might wonder to yourself “Are they sure that this is the dog area? It sounds more like hogs in here!” Rest assured, those funny grumbling noises are indeed their sweet Cream. She loves to grumble when she shakes around her toys and just hates seeing people on the opposite side of her fence when she believes they should be in her kennel snuggling with her! As soon as ANYONE (and we mean ANYONE) walks into her kennel, Cream goes quiet and excitedly meets them with tons of affection. She has met many different people such as staff, volunteers, dog trainers, etc., and has done absolutely amazing with all!

Cream got adopted for a very short period of time during the beginning of her shelter stay with us, which did result in her return. Her adopters stated that her first week with them went well until some defensive and resource guarding behaviors appeared. These behaviors began to make an appearance when a young member of the household returned home, so they are now requiring that Cream does not go to a home with children.

She would love to be the absolute apple of her new family’s eye, as the only pet in the household as well! She does exhibit prey-drive behaviors when it comes to cats and would do best without any dogs in the home, at least for a while as she learns how to truly fit into a family! Adding an additional dog into Cream’s home may or may not be in the cards for her in the far-off future after her training has progressed. Her adopters should be prepared to go very slow with new dog introductions later on and understand that she might have to be the only dog in the family after all.

Additionally, Cream has received a training/behavior evaluation which has led staff to believe that building trust and confidence will help her past her fearful reactions in her new home! Their Training & Enrichment Coordinator will go over a hopeful training plan with her new adopters, who should be prepared to get her into a consistent training course and routine. Life would definitely be scary if you never knew who your home or family really was, so they understand Cream’s fears and hope her adopters will too! She really is such a big love and has shown absolutely zero concerns with any new people or situations since her return. Her two favorite dog walkers can attest to this, as they walk her on a weekly basis and absolutely just adore her!

Cream even recently went into foster care for a wonderful break from the shelter environment and had an amazing time! Overall, her foster family said that she did very well with them as she continued to decompress. She is a high-energy dog who they have stated would do very well with someone who is savvy with dog training, ready to be patient and understanding with this sweet girl, and provide her with lots of exercise and enrichment! A home with a fenced yard for her to run around in would be ideal, or an adopter who plans on getting her started in agility courses or something similar!

Please feel free to call the Whitman County Humane Society at 509-332-3422 with any questions about their sweet Cream, who really just needs a good chance to be shown what love truly is!

Cream’s adoption fee has been generously sponsored by a loving foster family. She is spayed, vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella, microchipped, fecal tested, and has been seen and cleared by a veterinarian for adoption.