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U of I Honors Educators With Vandal Outstanding Educator Award

MOSCOW, Idaho — To show appreciation for educators, University of Idaho’s College of Education, Health and Human Sciences (EHHS) will honor them Saturday, Oct. 28, during the Idaho Vandal football game at the P1FCU Kibbie Dome.


Educators may purchase discounted tickets to the game at

During the game, EHHS will hold a ceremony for the six 2023 Vandal Outstanding Educator Award recipients, listed below.

Brian Smith 

Brian Smith of Moscow demonstrates what it means to be a compassionate principal. He actively engages the students to make school a fun learning place.

Smith embodies the role of an elementary school principal and goes beyond to try and make an impact in each child’s school experience. He knows each kid who walks the halls and makes a point to engage with each student he sees. He is also very accessible and easy to communicate with.

Alaysha Whitworth 

Alaysha Whitworth, a high school teacher in Idaho Falls, dramatically impacts the lives of her students.

Whitworth helps students realize that success in high school is more than academics. It is more than popularity. Success in high school is setting your future up for success while enjoying the present. She is a teacher, but she teaches more than science. She teaches how to be proactive, build confidence and secure a successful future.

Staci Heiser  

Staci Heiser of Post Falls has made an impact as a school counselor. Her compassion, dedication to her students and love for education helped students find the best way to succeed academically and find their place as a student.

Heiser creates a space of inclusion, respect and peace for students in some of their most difficult times. Every student deserves an educator to be in your corner like Staci Heiser.

Hanna Kuhns 

Hanna Kuhns, an art teacher in Coeur d’Alene, is an educator who puts others first; she is kind, compassionate, creative and thoughtful. She gives her art students the best opportunities. She teaches students that art isn’t just about the final product but it’s about the process. Kuhns gives students thought-provoking prompts to build communication as a team.

Sara Kindall 

Cambridge school secretary Sara Kindall goes above and beyond to support her students.

Kindall is a role model and handles all her responsibilities within the school with no complaints. She always has the best interest of the students in mind in everything that she does.

Reid Atwood 

Moscow teacher Reid Atwood supports his students to explore and apply life skills, including organization, study skills and advocating for what they need to be successful in school and beyond. He proactively reaches out to his students about accommodations they may need to use in his courses, communicates with families to build relationships and welcomes feedback on his curriculum and teaching — particularly as it relates to being a culturally responsive teacher. He knows his students well and is always looking for ways to grow as an educator.


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