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U.S Forest Service Workers Getting Ready for Wildfire Season

The number one objective of any wildland fire fighting action is always firefighter and public safety. Earlier this month, members of the Panhandle Helitack crew had the opportunity to complete a “water ditching” course, learning how to escape an aircraft underwater.

The training progression consisted of a classroom curriculum and lots of pool time in the simulator. The training fuselage was staffed by instructors for safety, and students started in individual roll cages and worked up to escaping aircraft while blindfolded. With the abundant amount of lakes across the IPNF (and all across the country where this crew may fly), this survival training is directly applicable.

U.S. Forest Service – Idaho Panhandle National Forests would like to give a huge thank you to the SERE Specialists at Fairchild Air Force Base 22nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron for this opportunity to learn an invaluable, life-saving skill.