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University of Idaho Approved to Offer Associate Degrees for the First Time

BOISE – The Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE), on Thursday, April 28, 2022, approved the University of Idaho’s proposal to begin offering Associate degrees for the first time in the University’s history.  

U of I plans to implement three Associate of Science programs: A.S. in Forest Nursery Management and Technology, A.S. in Forest Operations and Technology, and an A.S. in Wildland Fuel and Fire Technology. The degrees will be specifically designed to help meet the extensive need for professionals in these areas.

The programs, which are awaiting accreditation, will include classes and fieldwork specific to their respective professional areas, as well as some general education core classes.

Dennis Becker, Dean and professor of the College of Natural Sciences told the Idaho Statesman, “There is a massive need for individuals who are trained — not just for putting our fires and working on the fire line, but also trained in understanding fuel management, and how fire interacts with the landscape.”

The University hopes these programs will help to fill workforce gaps while offering students an alternative to a 4-year bachelor’s degree.