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Valley Karate School Kids Win it Big at National American Championships

LEWISTON – Valley karate school tournament team brought home 37 medals from the National American championships Karate Tournament in Groton Connecticut.

The tournament team had 8 students along with their instructor Steven Smith, travel to Connecticut to compete in the National tournament last weekend. The tournament was hosted by Sensei Ralph Batty Jr. 7th Degree Blackbelt and weapons expert, Andre Tippet who also played 11 seasons for the New England Patriots, was a guest judge. The tournament team trains year around and attends many tournaments throughout the year, with Nationals being their grand finale!

The tournament team members that competed were:

Blake Dobyns age 13 (12-14 Advanced) Continuous Sparring/Grappling- 3rd, Kata – 3rd, Team Kata – 1st

Gunner Seekins age 13 (12-14 Beginner) Sparring- 1st, Grappling – 1st, Kata – 3rd, Point Sparring – 2nd, Team Kata/Sparring – 2nd

Devin Munnigh age 13 (12-14 Advanced) Continuous Sparring/Grappling- 1st, Point Sparring – 1st, Team Kata/Sparring- 1st, Kata – 2nd

Flick Vinyard age 12 (12-14 Advanced) Continuous Sparring – 2nd, Kata – 1st, Sparring – 3rd, Team Kata/Sparring – 1st

Hattie Brown-Hayes age 11 (9-11 Advanced) Continuous Sparring/Grappling -1st, Kata – 1st, Team Kata/Sparring- 1st, Point Sparring – 2nd, Blocker Sparring – 3rd

Corbin Clark age 13 (12-14 Beginner) Sparring – 1st, Kata – 2nd, Grappling – 2nd, Team Kata/Sparring – 2nd, Family Kata – 2nd

Chase Seekins age 10 (9-11 Beginner) Continuous Sparring/Grappling – 3rd, Grappling – 2nd, Kata – 2nd, Point Sparring – 3rd, Team Kata/Sparring 1st

Ariyana Clark age 10 (9-11 Beginner) Kata – 1st, Team Sparring/Kata – 1st, Continuous Sparring/Grappling – 2nd, Blocker Sparring 2nd, Grappling 3rd, Family Kata – 2nd

Sensei Steven Smith, Kata – 1st, Contact Sparring – 2nd

Valley Karate School is located at 613 Bryden Ave. suite a Lewiston, ID 83501.