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Wednesday Words with Marisa – The Greek Community can Change your Life

MOSCOW – Sorority recruitment has taken the internet by storm as incoming Potential New Members at the University of Alabama took to TikTok, for the second year in a row, showing off their outfits and accessories before each day. However, the true impact that Greek chapters can make on individuals and the community is never truly discussed.

When I was a fresh 18 years old, my parents and I showed up to Moscow for UIBound from our hometown of Graham, Washington. I didn’t know a soul going to the University of Idaho. I decided to become a Vandal as they were one of the only schools that offered an international studies major and had an amazing journalism program.

My family and I walked around campus, signed up for classes, took the world’s worst freshman ID photo, and fell in love with everything Brave and Bold.

As a first-generation university student, I was clueless about the Greek community. After some convincing from my dad who wanted to live out his Animal House dreams secondhand, I decided to walk onto Greek row and tour some of the beautiful mansions. Instantly, I knew I wanted to be a part of one of these sisterhoods.

After the rush week process that most have become familiar with through social media. I was able to call 604 Elm my home and I would forever be an Alpha Phi.

The true impact of the Greek community is never highlighted in the media. The feeling of homesickness fades faster than you can imagine as you are surrounded by 80+ new sisters. Through the “Big” (an older member to look up to) and “Little” (the younger member) events, you even get your own little family within each house that can branch all throughout the Greek community.

Big – Little reveal my Sophomore year.
My greek family

Greek students on average get better grades than those who are not in a house. The constant help with homework, studying for tests and walking to class together, and so much more provide added comfort and help as the stress from college feels unbearable.

I participated in various philanthropic events around campus. Beta Theta Pi puts on 5k’s to raise money for suicide prevention. Theta Chi does a boot camp-style race to raise money for the USO to ship care packages for deployed troops. Delta Delta Delta sells pancakes and more to raise money for St. Jude. Each chapter has a cause that they dedicate their time and effort.

As an Alpha Phi, we have our own foundation that raises money for Woman’s Heart Health research and provides scholarship opportunities to those in need. With events like Phi Ball, a campus-wide soccer tournament, we are able to help raise money and awareness for the number one killer of women, heart disease.

To this day, I believe I am a better woman due to the values Alpha Phi instilled in me. I have made lifelong friends, throughout the Greek community, meet my boyfriend of now three years, and have incredible sisters to lean on for the rest of my life.

Usually, the media only talks about various Greek chapters in a negative light and fails to recognize the outstanding men and women in each house who work tirelessly for the university they attend, the community, and so much more.