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Whitman County Deputies Investigating Retail Thefts at Pullman and Moscow
Walmart Stores.

COLFAX, WA- A routine traffic stop and some good interrogation skills by Whitman
County Deputies lands two suspects in jail for Organized Retail Theft.

At around 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoon Sgt. Michael Jordan stopped a vehicle just north of Pullman for lane maintenance violations. Upon further examination of the vehicle, he noticed it was packed full of new merchandise. After questioning the driver about where the items came from and what he was going to do with all of it, Sgt. Jordan made a quick call to Walmart.

Walmart confirmed they were missing many of the items described and when they
checked their database they verified they had no transactions in their recent sales
history for many of the items in question.

Both suspects in the case later admitted the items had been taken from Walmart stores in Pullman and Moscow earlier that day. As a result, 54yoa Timothy Redmond and 56 yoa Walter Pate were transported to the Whitman County Jail where they were later booked on charges to include charges of Organized Retail Theft. Deputies have since recovered nearly $2,000 dollars worth of stolen property.

This case is still under active investigation.