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Whitman County Woman In Custody for 3 Counts of Assault First Degree After Dispute With Boyfriend.

COLFAX, WA- Deputies from the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office with the Assistance of the Whitman County Regional SWAT team took a Farmington, WA woman into custody after she allegedly fired several rounds from two different firearms at her boyfriend and members of his family.  The incident occurred around 6:30pm on Thursday evening on Heise Road just outside of Farmington, WA .

Based on the serious nature of the allegations which included the intentional discharge of firearms, deputies attempted to make contact and negotiate with the suspect 30yoa Jamie Carosino while using their recently acquired MRAP as a safety shield.  Deputies were able to pull directly in front of the home to initiate communication with Carosino who failed to respond to repeated requests for cooperation.  

The Whitman County SWAT team was later called in to assist deputies who had obtained an Arrest and Search Warrant for both Carosino and the property where the incident is believed to have occurred.

Shortly after midnight the SWAT team deployed Less Lethal Gas Munitions into the residence in order to gain compliance from Carosino who was safely taken into custody at that time. She was later booked into the Whitman County Jail on 3 Counts of Assault in the First Degree.  Her first appearance will be Friday afternoon in Whitman County Superior Court.

The use of the Whitman County SWAT Team and use of the MRAP proved to be invaluable resources in bringing this standoff to a peaceful resolution.