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Winter Snow Removal Reminders

November 29, 2023 (Moscow, Idaho) — With snow forecasted for the region, the City of Moscow would like to remind Moscow residents of the regular snow removal procedures including the procedure for snow removal on streets, the requirement to clear sidewalks, and a request to keep fire hydrants clear.


Street Snow Removal

• After snowfall events, major streets and arterials are plowed first, and repeatedly depending on the rate of the snow fall, followed by the lesser traveled residential areas.

• During heavy snowfall events residents are asked to park off the street to allow plows to clear as much of the roadway as possible.

• If residents have a concern regarding dangerous road conditions after regular business hours, please call 208-882-COPS

• The Moscow/Pullman and Troy Highway (HWY 8), and Highway 95 are State-owned, and snow removal on these routes is performed jointly by the City of Moscow and the Idaho Transportation Department.

• City plow crews work on staggered shifts during snow season. When a storm event occurs, the crews begin operations based on their shift schedules. If the storm is significant enough to warrant continued or additional operations the crews work extended hours regardless of time or day or day of the week.

• If a series of storms occurs, additional staffing is added to ensure round-the-clock operation of all snow removal equipment.

• For weekend and off-hours events, snow removal operations are activated based on the road conditions and the severity of the storm events. Work schedules, staffing levels and budgets have very little weight in this determination as it is based on the driving conditions and safety of the citizens.

• City Code prohibits citizens from pushing snow into public rights-of-way.

• For more information please contact the Public Works Department at 208-883-7097. There is also an information video here.

Citizen Sidewalk Maintenance

• Under a Moscow City ordinance, it is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to keep sidewalks clear of snow and debris.

• Moscow City Code – Title 5 Public Ways and Property Section 9-3 Owner to Remove – It shall be the duty of every owner of any land, building, or lot within the City to remove snow and/or ice from adjacent sidewalks to permit the safe pedestrian passage upon said sidewalks bordering said property and to abate the nuisance set forth in this Chapter. This duty applies to natural snowfall; it does not extend to snow displaced onto sidewalks by City snowplows after an owner has removed natural snowfall. For more information please contact the Street Department at 208-883-7097.

Fire Hydrant Access

• Citizens are requested to be observant of fire hydrant locations to ensure that emergency access to those hydrants is maintained. Specifically, hydrants on dead end streets and near parking lots are especially susceptible to being blocked. The Water and Fire Departments request that a two to three-foot circle around the hydrants be left clear of significant snow accumulations to provide clear emergency access. If residents are unable to clear a hydrant or wish to report a blocked hydrant, please call the Moscow Water Department at 208-882-3122.

For more information on snow removal, please contact the Snow Removal Hotline at 208-883-7140.


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