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With Election Campaigns Ramping Up, City of Lewiston Wants Everyone to be Mindful of the Regulations

News Release from City of Lewiston

LEWISTON – As the November 7 election approaches, residents may notice an increase in signs appearing in the public right-of-way.

It’s important to remember that signs must be placed in approved locations and adhere to City Code requirements; otherwise, they will be removed. To ensure everyone understands the regulations, the City of Lewiston has put together some helpful information.


What you need to know about type 1 temporary signs:

  • Temporary signs (like H-frame signs for services, sales, or political campaigns) can be placed in a portion of the public right-of-way that is not being used for vehicular travel or on-street parking, or as a sidewalk or planter box.
  • Signs must be no larger than 32 square feet in size and no taller than 8 feet.
  • These signs are allowed in the public right-of-way up to 75 days before a local, state, or federal election, and must be removed within 48 hours after the election.
  • Signs are not allowed within 300 feet of a roundabout, except for official government signs.
  • Signs cannot be attached to streetlights.
  • Signs cannot obstruct visibility for pedestrians and drivers.
  • Signs cannot have animation or illumination features.

It’s important to remember that signs may only be placed on private property with permission from the property owner. Signs are also prohibited in city-owned parks or on city-owned property.

If signs do not adhere to the requirements listed above, they will be removed and held for 30 days, during which time the owners of such signs may claim their signs from the Public Works Office, located at 215 D Street, in Suite B, during normal business hours. After 30 days, if signs are not picked up from this location, they will be disposed of without notice.

If someone needs help determining where type 1 temporary signs can go or to find out more information about temporary signs and the city code associated with these rules, they can contact the Community Development Department…. To learn more about Lewiston’s Sign Code, please refer to Chapter 30 of the Lewiston City Code at

Any examples provided herein are for educational purposes. The City of Lewiston does not regulate the content of signs. 


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