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Yellowstone National Park Flooding Update

Yellowstone National Park continues efforts to recover from historic flooding. The park explained limited reopening is highly possible next week on the park’s south loop with certain visitor entrance modifications; Visitors traveling to the park in the coming weeks must stay informed about the current situation, changes in visitor entry requirements, and road and weather conditions

Yellowstone continues major flood recovery efforts in the north while repairing damage and preparing for reopening in the south. All five park entrances remain closed temporarily; however, West, South, and East entrances are targeted for reopening as early as next week.

Water levels remain high but have gone down substantially over the past 24 hours. Weather patterns and the potential for additional flooding events are being monitored with the assistance of NOAA and USGS personnel.

The National Park Service (NPS) has engaged over 1,000 partners in surrounding gateway communities, counties, and states in the past 96 hours to brief on flood damage impacts and collaborate on reopening strategies.

Teams are in the park assessing damage and assisting with short and long-term recovery planning.

NPS is analyzing the carrying capacity of the south loop and working closely with partners to develop appropriate visitor management actions to safely accommodate visitors within that portion of the park. NPS is working to determine what other potential sections of the park may be reopened for the season. Decisions will depend on the extent of damage and the ability of the NPS to safely open additional sections as the year progresses.

Although access to Yellowstone National Park will be less than normal until further notice, there are still incredible opportunities for recreation, wildlife viewing, and great experiences in the park’s gateway communities (Gardiner, Montana; Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana; West Yellowstone, Montana; Cody, Wyoming; and Jackson, Wyoming), as well as surrounding areas in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. View a list of nearby cities, parks, public lands, and museums to help plan your visit:

Visitors who have trips planned should continue to check the Yellowstone website, local chambers of commerce, and social media for updates to get the most up-to-date information.

Considering initial damage assessments are ongoing, the NPS does not yet have an estimate on when Yellowstone will fully reopen nor are preliminary costs for repairs and recovery available.

To date, there have been no public or employee injuries reported due to the flood.