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Worry about your child on social media? Psychologist Dr. Lisa Strohman to speak at the Clarkston High School Auditorium

Clarkston, WA- Released by the Clarkston School District

Worry about your child on social media?
Nationally Acclaimed Psychologist Dr. Lisa Strohman to speak at
the Clarkston High School Auditorium on Aug. 16th at 6pm

Clarkston, WA (Aug 16, 2023) – Dr. Lisa Strohman, Digital Citizen Academy Founder and nationally recognized expert on the intersection of psychology and technology, will appear on Aug 16 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at the Clarkston High School Auditorium to speak with attendees about the dangers of social media and how children can be protected from it. This announcement today by Dr. Strohman and Clarkston School District encourages all parents or Lewis/Clark Valley community members to attend this valuable information session.

Strohman quote: “Understanding the developing brain is the key to unlocking our children’s potential. When communities come together and prioritize education to recognize the signs and symptoms of children in distress earlier it empowers parents and schools to take action, ensuring a nurturing environment filled with hope – the hope of fostering resilience, connections, and a brighter future.”

Among the topics Dr. Strohman will discuss are the following:

The developing brain
Signs and symptoms
Action for parents and school
Social Anxiety
There is hope

Dr. Strohman is a clinical psychologist and attorney who is also the founder of Digital Citizen Academy– one of the first organizations to focus on eliminating issues such as cyber-bullying, child luring, sextortion, and suicide through prevention and diversion programs, events, and resources. She is also a mother of two children and is author of “Unplug: Raising Kids In A Technology Addicted World” and “Digital Distress: Growing Up Online.” Her most recent book “Phone Alone” is a children’s tale about a boy who learns to make healthy choices with his technological devices, despite all the temptations of the electronic world.

Dr. Strohman has appeared on many different television and radio programs, such as CNN, Brian Kilmeade’s radio show, The Doctors, Fox News, ABC’s Eyewitness News, Good Day L.A, PBS, Newsmax, and KTLA. She has also been cited in many publications, most recently Popular Science, Newsweek, and Best Life.

For more info: Donald Tremblay (Dr. Strohman Publicist)
[email protected]


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