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4th Grade Fundraiser

About the Trip:

Lewiston students in 4th Grade spend the year learning about their state. For the past 22 years the culmination of the year for students in the Lewiston Schools is a trip up the Snake river to see and learn firsthand about many of the topics they have studied during the year.

During the trips students will learn and experience geological history, ecological history and human history in the area.

The cost to make this happen is roughly $100 per student and the School district’s budget does not allow for this expense meaning that the fundraising fell on the students and teachers. While the students still do their part to make this trip happen, they need your help too as the School District has turned to the Lewiston Independent Foundation for Education for funding.

The GOAL: To raise $20000 to cover the 2022 trips and establish reliable funding to cover the full expense from 2024 onward.

Thank you to our sponsors who have brought this cause to our attention, made this campaign possible, and have donated time and/ or money themselves!

How to donate:
LIFE website:
—- Put 4th Grade Hells Canyon Tour under donation designation
Visit the LIFE- Lewiston Independent Foundation for Education Facebook page for the 4th Grade River Trip fundraise page.
Mail a cash or check to:
3317 12th St
Lewiston Idaho 83501

                —- Include your name, donation designation, and contact information.