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Arnett’s Martial Arts America’s Jiu Jitsu Team Earns 21 medals and 2nd Place for Best Academy at the Spokane Submission Series

SPOKANE – Youth and adult competitors from Arnett’s Martial Arts America earned 12 gold medals, 7 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals at the Spokane Submission Series jiu-jitsu tournament on Saturday. Sensei and Coach Austin Arnett won a gold medal in the professional jiu-jitsu fight night! Martial Arts America earned 2nd Best Academy and 3rd Best Overall Team in the competition with more than 250 athletes and 34 teams.

The youth team is coached by Austin Arnett, Brian Hocum, Travis Keane, and Dave Pearson.

Photo (from left to right): Carson Brown, Travis Keane, Ariyah Keeler, Isabella Girard, Paige Andrews, Charlotte Marvin, Brian Hocum, Austin Arnett, (bottom row) Gordon Alford, Lincoln Hocum, and Conley Svancara.


Paige Andrews – Girls No-Gi, Beginner, 12 years, -50 kg: 1st Place

Lincoln Hocum – Boys No-Gi, Grey Belt, 11 years, -34 kg: 1st Place

Charlotte Marvin – Girls No-Gi, White Belt, 10 years, -25 kg: 2nd Place

Conley Svancara – Boys Gi, White Belt, 8-9 years: 2nd Place, -73.60 kg; Boys No-Gi, White Belt, 8 years, -34 kg: 3rd Place

Gordon Alford – Boys No-Gi, White Belt, 9 years, -40 kg: 2nd Place

Aryiah Keeler – Youth No-Gi, White Belt, 8-9 years, -25 kg: 2nd Place

Isabella Girard – Youth No-Gi, White Belt, 8-9 years, -25 kg: 1st Place


Austin Arnett – Male No-Gi, Professional: 1st Place

David Pearson – Male Gi, Brown Belt +220 lbs: 1st Place; No-Gi, Advanced, 30+, +215 lbs: 2nd Place

Kami Earl – Female Gi, White Belt, -152.5 lbs: 1st Place

Brian McElroy – Male Gi, Blue Belt -181.5 lbs: 2nd Place; No-Gi, Blue Belt, -175.5 lbs: 3rd Place

Andrew Ethridge – Male Gi, Blue Belt 30+, -168 lbs: 1st Place

Colton Maddy – Male Gi, White Belt, -154.5 lbs: 1st Place

Phillip Shriver – Male Gi, White Belt, -181.5 lbs; 2nd Place

Drake Randall – Male No-Gi, Brown Belt, 30+, -162.5 lbs: 1st Place

Zander Johnson – Male No-Gi, White Belt, -149 lbs: 1st Place

Rick Fuentes – Male Gi, Blue Belt, -220 lbs: 1st Place; No-Gi, Blue Belt, 46+, -215 lbs: 1st Place

Also competed – Perry Shove, Ty Shannon, Darren Phillips

Martial Arts America is located at 650 Thain Road in Lewiston, Idaho. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


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