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Boise and Coeur D’Alene Will be Among the Fastest Growing Cities by 2060

Results from the 2020 census reveal some notable changes in population distribution over the last decade. The U.S. population grew by about 7% from 2010 to 2020, or by about 20 million people. Over the same period, more than 80% of U.S. metro areas reported population growth.


While it remains to be seen whether the broad trend of urbanization will continue into the future, a new report from Washington D.C.-based economic and demographic data firm Woods & Poole Economics, Inc. projects that the population of several U.S. metro areas is likely to swell by over 50% in the coming decades.

Population change is the end result of two factors: migration and natural change. Migration is the net change of people moving to and from an area, while natural change is the number of births less the number of deaths.

Accounting for these factors and anticipating future trends, the population of the Coeur D’Alene metro area in Idaho is projected to grow from 182,400 in 2022 to 292,600 in 2060. The 60.5% projected population growth in the metro area is the 23rd highest of all 384 U.S. metro areas.

Economic opportunity is one of the most common reasons people move within the United States. Over the same period, employment in Coeur D’Alene is projected to grow by 64.9% by 2060, while personal income per capita is projected to grow from $51,231 in 2022 to $302,084 in 2060.

All data in this story is from Woods & Poole Economics, Inc., Washington D.C. Copyright 2022.

RankMetro areaChange in population, 2022 to 2060Total population, 2022Projected population, 2060
1The Villages, FL+223.2%139,900452,100
2St. George, UT+118.1%195,200425,700
3Austin, TX+97.4%2,398,4004,733,500
4Cape Coral, FL+92.0%803,0001,541,400
5Las Vegas, NV+90.5%2,335,6004,450,000
6Greeley, CO+89.0%346,600655,000
7Bend, OR+83.6%208,500382,900
8Provo, UT+82.7%709,6001,296,600
9Myrtle Beach, SC+81.9%519,200944,700
10Port St. Lucie, FL+80.1%511,300920,600
11Raleigh, NC+79.8%1,474,6002,651,400
12Naples, FL+78.5%392,600700,700
13Mcallen, TX+76.3%895,0001,578,200
14Fayetteville, AR+76.0%570,1001,003,300
15Orlando, FL+75.3%2,737,8004,800,100
16Boise City, ID+68.8%807,7001,363,100
17Phoenix, AZ+67.3%5,021,5008,398,600
18Dallas, TX+63.3%7,874,00012,859,600
19Midland, TX+62.6%175,700285,700
20Houston, TX+62.2%7,310,90011,857,500
21Daphne, AL+61.9%243,000393,200
22Kennewick, WA+60.7%312,700502,500
23Coeur D’Alene, ID+60.5%182,400292,600
24Charleston, SC+60.3%824,4001,321,300
25Hilton Head Island, SC+59.3%225,300358,900
26Charlotte, NC+58.4%2,738,8004,339,400
27San Antonio, TX+58.3%2,637,5004,176,000
28Sebastian, FL+58.0%165,600261,700
29Riverside, CA+56.8%4,716,7007,396,000
30Ocala, FL+56.8%390,500612,100
31Nashville, TN+56.1%2,039,4003,182,500
32Punta Gorda, FL+55.6%197,100306,700
33Lakeland, FL+55.5%764,2001,188,600
34Laredo, TX+54.9%271,600420,600
35Prescott Valley, AZ+54.5%245,000378,500
36College Station, TX+54.4%275,100424,700
37Sioux Falls, SD+53.5%285,700438,400
38Atlanta, GA+53.4%6,223,7009,549,300
39Jacksonville, FL+52.9%1,658,8002,536,200
40Reno, NV+51.6%504,000764,100

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