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Canvassing Begins for 2024 Election Voting

Sandra Kinney
May 23, 2024

(Boise, ID) – Immediately following the election and continuing through June 5, all forty-four counties in Idaho are conducting a canvassing of the unofficial May 21st Idaho Primary election results. This process involves a thorough review of all records to verify the results before they are officially certified. During this review, counties have the opportunity to update their election results to ensure accuracy. A difference of 8 ballots in the state’s closest legislative race in Butte County was identified when comparing the election tally and canvass report with the online results.


The vote difference was confined to the Representative Seat B race in the Butte County portion of District 30. On election night, the race between candidates Ben G. Fuhriman and Julianne Young appeared to be within 10 votes. The difference identified in the canvass narrowed the already close margins down to two votes; however, the race outcome remains unchanged.

An analysis confirmed that the county tally and canvass report in Butte County was correct. Butte County uses a hand count tabulation, and the discrepancy was due to a data entry error during the manual entry of the results into the state election results reporting system. The unofficial results on have been updated to reflect the correct tabulation. The Idaho Secretary of State’s office contacted both candidates to inform them of the change in results. Due to the narrower margin, the candidates in the District 30 race may request a free recount after the results have been canvassed on June 5th.

It is important to note that the results reported on election night are unofficial and do not become official until the canvass is conducted and the results are certified by the Board of Canvassers on June 5. Additionally, the Idaho Secretary of State will be conducting random post-election audits of the results to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the election process prior to the meeting of the Board of Canvassers.

“Our election system is designed to ensure every ballot is accurately counted and reported,” said Secretary of State Phil McGrane. “The canvassing period and audit process are important because they provide essential safeguards and checks to ensure accurate results. I’m grateful to county clerks and election officials who look at every detail to ensure that our elections are fair, transparent, and accurate.”


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