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City of Tacoma is Seeking Artists for $30,000 Mall Project

Spencer Pauley | The Center Square

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

(The Center Square) – The City of Tacoma is seeking out artists to apply for an art project in the Tacoma Mall area.

The art project would have a budget of $30,000. That is funded through the city’s Madison District Green Infrastructure project. Neighborhoods within a six block radius of the mall are intended to receive fixes to their drainage system and protect Puget Sound from polluted runoff by installing permeable pavement.

The targeted area is required to install public art as part of Tacoma’s 1% for Art program, which dedicates 1% of construction costs from public capital projects to the creation of public art.

“With a subarea plan adopted in 2018 and several public investments underway, the Tacoma Mall area is well-positioned for strategic improvements to support a healthy, thriving population center within our city,” Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards said in a statement. 

Woodards added that the city intends to include residential feedback in development plans for the art project in the Tacoma Mall.

“With robust public engagement by the selected artists, we strive to further define our community’s vision for the identity and character of this key location,” Woodards added.

City officials anticipate significant growth to the Tacoma Mall area over the next 15 years. The city added that because the mall area is located over a major supplemental drinking water source, it is a focus for infrastructure improvements.

Submission deadline is set for Feb. 8, 2023 for interested artists or artist teams.


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