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Justin J. Coleman, Nez Perce County Prosecutor

Starting in November of 2022, Lewiston Police Narcotic Detectives began conducting an investigation into Michael D Lansdowne (41 yoa, Lewiston) for suspected trafficking of illegal substances into the LC Valley. LPD Detectives conducted surveillance on Mr. Lansdowne’s residence and spoke with confidential sources about ongoing illegal drug activity. Ultimately, detectives applied for a search warrant to place a GPS tracker on Mr. Lansdowne’s vehicle in February of 2023. While monitoring the GPS tracker, detectives observed the vehicle travel to Moses Lake, WA, stay at a residence for 1.5 hours, then travel back to the LC Valley. When the vehicle returned to Lewiston, a patrol officer stopped the GPS tracked vehicle to find Mr. Lansdowne driving with his 3 year old daughter as a passenger. Detectives began speaking with Mr. Lansdowne about any illegal drugs and was informed there was a small amount of methamphetamine at his residence. Detectives decided to seek a search warrant for the residence and the vehicle. After the search warrant was approved, detectives allegedly located approximately 2 pounds of methamphetamine and 12 grams of heroin in the vehicle Mr. Lansdowne was driving with his child. Detectives then searched the residence and located
suspected heroin and two firearms. Mr. Lansdowne was taken into custody and transported to the Nez Perce County Detention Center.

In court today, the Nez Perce County Prosecutor’s Office filed three felony charges: 1) Trafficking in Methamphetamine, 2) Trafficking in Heroin, and 3) Injury to Children. The Prosecutor’s Office requested a bail of $80,000 partially because of prior criminal history of Mr. Lansdowne to include a Felony Assault (1997), Felony Delivery/Possession with Intent (1999), Possession of Heroin reduced to a Misdemeanor (2019), Misdemeanor Domestic Battery and Destruction of a Telephonic Device (2017), and multiple probation violations. The Prosecutor’s Office also believes the inherent risk of drugs into our community is a risk to public safety and Mr. Lansdowne had his 3 year old child while allegedly trafficking a large amount of drugs. During the bond hearing, Nez Perce County Magistrate Judge Sunil Ramalingam ordered an $80,000 bond..