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CourseCo to Manage Day-to-Day Operations of Bryden Canyon Golf Course Over Next six Months

LEWISTON – The City of Lewiston is partnering with CourseCo, an experienced golf management company that oversees the operations of 43 different golf courses across the United States (34 of which are municipal courses) to manage the day-to-day operations of the Bryden Canyon Golf Course over the next six months.


Since this company has extensive experience with municipal golf courses, the city decided that they would best understand the needs of our community’s course.

Last week, an open house was held at Bryden Canyon’s Clubhouse to give golfers a chance to learn about operations under the current management. This open house (pictured) was heavily attended by users who asked great questions and were informed that there is no plan to make changes right now; operations will continue as is. If changes are going to be made, there will be substantial involvement from user groups and information shared ahead of time.

There will be another evening open house in about 5-to-6 weeks; the exact date is TBD.

“The benefit of having a company like CourseCo come in, versus the City of Lewiston managing the course in the interim, is that we are essentially getting a consultant that is going to take a deep look at operations and facilities and then advise the city on best practices moving forward,” City of Lewiston Parks and Recreation Director Tim Barker said.


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