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Crews Continue to Battle Williams Creek and Twin Lakes Fires

OROGRANDE – The community of Orogrande remains under a “Level 3-GO” evacuation notice, issued by the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office.  


Crews were able to remove trees that had fallen over the 233 and 311 Roads, but numerous standing dead trees (“snags”)  remain a dangerous hazard. For this reason, the roads into Orogrande remain closed. Heavy equipment will be utilized to help open up roads, given the numerous trees that have fallen. Due to an inversion and poor visibility, aerial resources were unable to assist ground crews yesterday. Crews identified and mapped structures in the Red River Valley and will assess structure protection needs, should the fire progress toward that area.  

Engines previously on the night shift will transition to the day shift, along with additional engines expected to arrive today. Resources will continue to engage the fire in Orogrande and the Crooked River corridor, extinguishing hot spots. Aerial resources will be available to assist crews today, weather permitting. 

An overnight infrared flight mapped the fire at 12,956 acres. 

TWIN LAKES FIRE (east of Twin Lakes and Hagen Creek) 

Start Date: 8/25/2022 Cause: Lightning Size: 950 acres * Completion: 19 % 

Total Personnel: 9 Wildfire Fire Module: 1  

A structure protection module is implementing structure protection measures at Moore’s Station. Firefighters have completed structure protection measures at Square Mountain Lookout. An overnight infrared flight mapped the fire at 950 acres. 


On the Williams Creek Fire, interior unburned islands of fuel will continue to grow together and fill in the perimeter. While these pockets of intense heat continue to burn and fill in along the eastern flank of the fire, existing roads, timber harvest units and a previous fire footprint are helping to limit and slow the fire spread beyond its current perimeter. On the Twin  Lakes Fire, the northern flank was somewhat active until the smoke from adjacent fires tamped down heat and venting. 

Temperatures are expected to increase about five degrees (high 80s) with relative humidity levels in the low teens in both fire areas. Winds will be light but could gust up to 12 mph. Showers are likely later in the week, with a slight possibility of rain starting Tuesday. Poor overnight humidity recoveries will lead to an increase in fire behavior earlier in the morning.  The fire’s activity will be terrain driven, where fuels and slope align. Perimeter growth is unlikely; however, the north side of the Williams Creek Fire may see a slight increase in the Six Mile area with the fire backing upslope. Low relative humidity and high temperatures will increase the risk of any sparks creating new fire starts.


Closures surrounding both fire areas are necessary to protect the safety and welfare of the public and provide for safe firefighting efforts and access. An updated closure for the Williams Creek fire area is forthcoming, given the fire movement and progression earlier this week. Additional roads and trail will be closed for public safety. Specific closure information and maps are posted on Inciweb at as they are implemented.  

The Twin Lakes Fire closure includes the following roads and trails: 


NFSR 444 Gospel Road – open from junction with NFSR 221 to Moore’s Guard Station/Campground 


NFST 312 – North Moore’s Trail – closed from trailhead to MP 6.83/jct with NFST 383 Square Mountain NFST 383 – Square Mountain Trail – closed from MP 6.64/jct with NFST 315 to MP 7.16/jct with NFST 312 NFST 315 – Kentucky Creek Trail – closed from trailhead/jct with NFST 313 to MP 7.71/jct with NFST 383 NFST 313 – Hump Trail – closed from MP 15.4/jct with NFST 384 to MP 18.1/jct with NFST 315 NFST 384 – Square Mtn. Spur Trail – closed from trailhead/jct with NFST 383 to MP 1.37/jct with NFST 313 NFST 383 – Square Mountain Trail – closed from trailhead/jct with NFSR 444 to MP 1.59/jct with NFST 384 NFSR 444 – Gospel Road – closed from MP 11.57 at Moore’s Campground to end of road at Square Mountain Lookout 

The Williams Creek Fire closure includes the following roads and trails: 


NFSR 233 – Crooked River Road – closed from jct with NFSR 522 to jct with NFSR 233I at Orogrande Summit NFSR 492 – Santiam Sourdough Road – closed from jct with trail 415 to jct with trail 416 

NFSR 233I – Wild Horse Campground Road – closed from jct with NSFR 233 to end of road 

NFST 299 – Crystal Lake Trail – closed from TH /jct with NSFR 233I to jct with trail 803 at MP 2.04 NFST 803 – Ten Mile Spur – closed from TH/jct with Trail 299 to end of trail/jct with Trail 415 NFST 415 – Ten Mile Trail – closed from TH/junction with Trail 803 at MP 6.49 to TH/jct with NFSR 492 NFST 416 – Old Golden-North Hill Trail – closed from TH/jct with NSFR 492 to end of trail jct with NSFR 478A. NFSR 478A – Forest Road 478A – closed from jct with Trail 416 at 0.2 to jct with NSFR 478 

NFSR 478 – Nipple Mountain Road – closed from jct with NSFR 478A at MP 1.56 to jct with Trail 807 at MP 1.65 NFST 807 – Five Mile Trail – closed from end of trail/jct with NSFR 478 to TH/jct with NSFR 2003 NFSR 2003 – Five Mile camp Road – closed from jct with Trail 807 at MP 0.15 to beginning of road/jct with NSFR 233 

* “Percent completion” of objectives more accurately captures and reports the specific amount of work accomplished on the ground to manage fire spread and reduce the negative impacts to communities, infrastructure, and other identified values. 

By using percent completion of objectives, fire managers can illustrate how they are progressing with the accomplishment of objectives that have been identified and prioritized. 

As a comparison, “containment” implies firelines around the entire perimeter, directly next to the fire’s


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