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Eligible homeowners might qualify to have their property taxes deferred

BOISE, Idaho — August 1, 2023 — You might qualify to have your property taxes deferred under Idaho’s Property Tax Deferral (  program, which lets you postpone paying taxes on your home and up to an acre of land. You eventually repay the taxes plus interest to the state of Idaho.

New this year, you can apply for the program online at ( . You’ll need an email address. You also can get a paper application ( on the Tax Commission’s website at or from your county assessor. Apply online or mail an application to your county assessor by September 5, 2023. Applicants must apply and qualify for this program every year.

You might qualify for a property tax deferral if all of these are true:
* You’re an Idaho resident.
* You own and occupy your home or mobile home, it’s been your primary residence since before April 15, 2023, and your home doesn’t have a reverse mortgage or home equity line of credit.
* Your total 2022 income, after deducting medical expenses, was $53,638 or less.
* You’re any of the following as of January 1, 2023:
+ 65 or older
+ Former POW or hostage
+ Motherless or fatherless child under 18
+ Blind
+ Widow(er)
+ Disabled
+ Veteran with a 10% or more service-connected disability or receiving a pension from Veteran’s Affairs (VA) for a non-service-connected disability
+ Disabled as recognized by the Social Security Administration, Railroad Retirement Board, or Federal Civil Service. If you’re not covered by the listed agencies, then disabled as recognized by a public employee retirement system.

Note: Property tax deferral won’t reduce special fees that government entities charge.

For more information:
* Contact your county assessor’s ( office in Idaho.
* Call the Tax Commission at (208) 334-7736 in the Boise area or toll free at (800) 972-7660, ext. 7736.
* Visit the Property Tax Deferral ( webpage at