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USFS Firefighter and community members assists with vehicle in the Lochsa river accident

Lochsa River- The following was released by the Idaho County Sheriffs Office

“On June 8, 2023, at approximately 1:48 PM, Idaho county deputies responded to a report of a vehicle in the Lochsa River about 68 miles upriver from Kooskia on Highway 12.

91 year-old Clifford Parver of Whitfish, Montana was stuck in his vehicle about 50 feet from the bank.

Kooskia Ambulance, as well as Lowell QRU were dispatched. Idaho County Dispatch requested Three Rivers Rafting respond. We appreciate their willingness to assist in any emergency.

Approximately 15-20 people who had been passing by stopped to help before law enforcement or EMS could arrive. Deputies were unable to get the names of all involved, but two they were able to identify were Keegan Fancher and JT Sohr.

JT Sohr, a firefighter for the United States Forest Service, had recently finished swift water rescuing training. JT used his personal rafting equipment to assist the driver and only occupant of the vehicle out of the vehicle. In the process, JT lost about $250.00 worth of equipment down the river.

It’s moments like these that remind us that we live in a wonderful area full of kind and courageous people who are willing to help their fellow man. We are truly thankful for the help of JT, Keegan, and all others”.