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“Hospital Fire” in Orofino destroys six houses and numerous buildings, but community gathers to aid those affected

Emily Yamairy I Daily Fly Media

Picture from "Window on the Clearwater"

Image from Window on the Clearwater News



Orofino, ID- In a sudden hill fire Orofino has had to group their efforts to fight the now-called “Hospital Fire”. The hill behind the State hospital was overtaken by large flames and smoke. As of today, the fire crews have stopped the fire from gaining momentum, but it is not extinguished. The rainfall seemed to be on the fire crew’s side yesterday as it aided their efforts that were being made both on the ground and in the air. The size of the fire is estimated to be around 50 acres and the cause is under investigation. Fire crews are actively trying to suppress the fire, and have now set up an indirect bozer line. Today they plan to begin mop-up operations now that lighting is not a threat.

Dent Bridge Road and Wixson Heights had both been closed, but are now reopened with caution. As shared by Sheriff Chris Goetz, Residents of Wixson Heights will have to show proof of identification at the entrance and only residents can enter. Those traveling on Dent Ridge Road are advised to use caution and to not “top where the fire has burned”. “Fire Fighters will be working on both sides of Dent Bridge Road and debris will be Rolling onto the roadway”.

In the midst of all the unfortunate events, the Orofino Police Department thanked all those who have assisted in any way. They ask those who have questions to reach out.
The Red Cross is also present in Orofino, they have set up a shelter at 479 Michigan Ave and all Red Cross services are free. The community has also opened up its doors and aided those who have been affected by the fire.

For those who wish to help with any donations, an account has been set up at LCCU under the name “Orofino Fire” under the Orofino Police Department’s charity account. Caliber Coffee is now accepting donations at its stands to help those families impacted. For those who can’t donate monetarily, prayers are also appreciated, or other acts of support.
As released by the Clearwater County Sheriff’s office, so far there are six homes and numerous outbuildings that the fire has destroyed. The fire also led to power outages, but Clearwater Power has restored them and still working on repairs.
Updates will be posted as they are released.


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