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Idaho Faculty Members Recognized at Generaly Education Summit; Including One LCSC Faculty Member

Six higher education faculty members were recognized earlier this month for their efforts to improve student success in general education courses at Idaho’s public higher education institutions.


The awards were presented at the annual General Education Summit held October 12-13 in Coeur d’Alene.

Faculty members from all eight of Idaho’s public colleges and universities participated and those who were recognized received the General Education Innovative Educator Award for excellence in teaching general education.

Each received a cash prize from CapEd Credit Union, a long-time sponsor of the award.

The recipients, their institution, and areas of instruction are:

  • Heather Schoenherr – College of Western Idaho; Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing
  • Brittney Gehrig – Boise State University; Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing
  • Shawn Willsey – College of Southern Idaho; Scientific Ways of Knowing
  • Karla Mitchell – North Idaho College; Mathematical Ways of Knowing
  • Tandace Crane – College of Southern Idaho; Oral Communication
  • Bryce G. Kammers – Lewis-Clark State College; Written Communication

Each recipient was invited to give a presentation to Summit attendees describing practices they use in the classroom that benefit students.

“I was excited that most of the recipients talked about how they used open educational resources (OER)  to help students access materials free of charge to improve learning,” said Dr. TJ Bliss the State Board of Education’s Chief Academic Officer. “The State has invested over $1 million so far to promote increased access and affordability for students through innovations like OER.”

Degree-seeking students attending one of Idaho’s higher education institutions are required to take 36 credits of general education courses in order to graduate. These courses provide students with durable skills like critical thinking, collaboration, communication, fortitude and leadership.

More information about general education in Idaho is available on the State Board’s website:

The State Board’s policy related to Open Educational Resources is posted on the Board’s website:


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