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Idaho State Police Forensic Services Releases Annual Report on Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits

MERIDIAN – The Idaho State Police Forensic Services (ISPFS) released its Annual Report on Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits (SAECKs), spotlighting the state’s proactive stance in addressing sexual assault cases.

The 2023 report issued by ISPFS disclosed the purchase of 640 SAECKs. Of those, 507 were reportedly distributed to hospitals, clinics, and other collection sites–the lowest number in recorded history.

  • SAECKs Purchased by ISPFS: 640
  • SAECKs Distributed by ISPFS: 507
  • SAECKs Collected: 444
  • SAECKs Tested by ISPFS Laboratory: 465
  • SAECKs Not Submitted to ISPFS Laboratory: 78
  • DNA Database Hits from SAECKs: 38
  • Unresolved DNA Database Hits from SAECKs: 32
  • SAECKs Submitted Without Required Reference Samples: 211

In January of 2017, Idaho became the first state to fully implement a statewide sexual assault evidence collection kit tracking system. This tracking system provides greater public accountability and transparency, provides more resources to the state forensic laboratory, and ultimately provides more transparency to victims of sexual assault.

Sexual assault survivors and the public can track the sexual assault evidence collection kit without having to have a login. Survivors are provided a tracking number for their kit at the time of collection. The use of this 4 | Page system has resulted in several survivors asking additional questions of law enforcement, the forensic lab, and Idaho legislators.

Statement regarding SAESCKs from ISPFS: 

ISPFS  recognizes the exceptional efforts of its biology/DNA database team, overcoming staffing challenges to process over 460 sexual assault evidence collection kits. Their commitment to efficiency and dedication to the citizens of Idaho are commendable.

The Idaho SANE/SART Coordinators have played a pivotal role in training initiatives across the state, setting up SART programs, and enabling hospitals to collect sexual assault evidence kits. Idaho’s leadership in training SANE nurses and addressing sexual assault response issues is exemplified through these coordinated efforts.

The Idaho Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (ISAKI) working group, a volunteer policy advisory group, is essential to the success of this initiative. Their dedication is evident in researching problems, recommending solutions, and leading a cultural shift in how sexual assault response is viewed and addressed throughout Idaho.

ISPFS remains committed to continual improvement, working closely with partners and stakeholders to enhance victim support and deliver justice.

For a more in-depth understanding and to access the complete Annual Report on Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits, please visit the Idaho State Police Forensic Services link. (

About Idaho State Police Forensic Services: ISPFS provides accurate and timely forensic analysis to aid criminal investigations. With a focus on professionalism and integrity, ISPFS plays a pivotal role in pursuing justice and safeguarding the community.