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Learn More About Why Scott Bedke is Running for Lieutenant Governor

LEWISTON – Current Speaker of the House Scott Bedke, is running for Lieutenant Governor to continue to protect and defend the future of the state, and ensure Idaho stays the best state in the union to live, work, and raise a family.


After winning the Primary Election in May, Bedke explained he was humbled to be trusted by his fellow Idahoans, however, he knew his work was not done yet.

Bedke has focused his campaign around keeping Idaho, Idaho by ensuring Idaho kids can obtain Idaho jobs. He has already started putting this plan into action by taking part in a secondary education roundtable with the University of Idaho, Students from ASUI, and businesses to find solutions on how everyone can work together to make sure Idaho stays the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Currently, Bedke is the longest-serving Speaker of the House in Idaho history. Being a member of the house since 2000, and speaker since 2012, Bedke has a plethora of political accomplishments and mentioned there was much to be proud of following this legislative session.

“We again this year saw a historic tax cut,” Bedke said. “[We also had great] investments in transportation and water this year. [Also,] the integrated investments in literacy and teacher health.”

With his experience on the Revenue and Taxation Committee, lowering taxes is something Bedke plans to further if elected. He explained that the government should fund budgets accurately. Bedke mentioned if tax dollars are consistently over, taxes are likely too high.

Transportation is also an area Bedke mentions could use more work. Being a member of the Transportation and Defense Committee, he understands the fight that needs to continue for rural Idaho and more. Bedke explained safety on Idaho’s roads is imperative and will always take investments.

“It is equally important whether you are moving logs or grain,” Bedke said. “Everything we have has to get to market. In a state like ours, getting from one place to another is essential. We need to stay on top of it by staying current. We shouldn’t build roads you don’t need. Each city is responsible for more miles of road in Idaho than our neighboring states.”

Bedke also has a passion for helping Idaho’s children and education. He explained Idaho’s biggest export used to be our children, however, he has worked hard over his career to ensure Idaho is a place for kids and grandkids to stay and enjoy the Idaho we know and love. In doing this, he has worked on investing in education, creating a good job market for students post-graduation, and more.

“All of my grandkids are already in public school, or will be soon,” Bedke said. “I am invested in their successes, as well as the rest of Idaho’s children. We want our students to leave Idaho schools well prepared for whatever life brings their way.”

Despite all of his political accomplishments, Bedke is more than just a politician. He is a rancher, husband to his wife Sarah for 42 years and counting, father of four, and grandfather to 14.

As a fourth-generation cattle rancher from Oakley, Bedke has spent his career advocating for rural Idaho. As the former president of the Idaho Cattle Association, and former director of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Bedke has stayed very active in his industry of livestock.

With a true love for Idaho, if elected, Bedke plans to further his fight to defend Idaho values. He explained he is a pro-life, pro-gun, and limited government constitutional conservative who is committed to maintaining the Idaho way in our state. An example of this Bedke used from this year was Idaho challenging the Biden administration for vaccine mandates. He explained fighting for constitutional freedoms is essential.

“We need to put into policy our conservative Idaho values,” Bedke said. “We always live within the taxpayers’ means. We support border security. Always back the blue, protect our second amendment rights, and the lives of the unborn.”

To learn more about Bedke and his issues, check out his website


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