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Letters to Santa

Dear Children and Parents,

Write me a letter and put your address,

Fold it up nicely and do not distress,

As long as it’s here in my little box,

By December 13th it will come to my toyshop,

I will write back before Christmas Eve,

Just turn in your letter before you leave.

PS. Check your address, then check it twice, so my reindeer can deliver it right!

-Santa Clause

Print Your Letter Template Here

Turn in your Letters to Santa at any of the locations below, and I will be sure to pick them up!

LC Valley:

Nez Perce Express

Century21 Price Right

Pickard Orthodontics

Asotin County Aquatic Center


Hodgins Drug and Hobby

Pickard Orthodontics ( Pullman and Moscow Offices)

Moscow Pullman Building Supply( both locations)