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Lewiston Police and Crime Scene Investigator Search Homeless Encampment Near Levee Bypass

Josie Chase, DailyFly News | Anthony Camerlo, DailyFly Productions

LEWISTON – On Wednesday, February 8, around 11:30 A.M., Lewiston Police Officers and a Crime Scene Investigator were seen entering and searching a homeless encampment located inside a metal structure by Levee Bypass Road. Police officers on the scene refused to provide a statement about what has occurred, so details are still unknown at this time. It appears as though they were looking around and inspecting a bicycle inside the building. Officials were also speaking with a woman inside the encampment who had a small dog on a leash. The woman was later seen walking away from the building in downtown Lewiston.


As photographed below, the structure appears to have been occupied by several people with various collections of items and sleeping arrangements.

Many homeless people have been loitering in the nearby parking lot of Pacific Empire Radio & DailyFly as well as regularly digging through the dumpster on company property. Shopping carts and miscellaneous trash have also been strewn about downtown Lewiston due to the influx of homeless people in the area.

Stay tuned to DailyFly for updates as more information is released.


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