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Limited waterfowl hunting opportunities at Winchester Lake

Hunters will need to sign-up in advance- hunting opportunity set to start Nov. 4.


Idaho Fish and Game along with Winchester State Park are excited to announce the opening of limited waterfowl hunting at Winchester Lake.  Fish and Game is teaming up with Winchester State Park to provide more opportunities for waterfowl hunters in the Clearwater Region.  Specific rules are in place to help limit the number of people hunting and where they are allowed to hunt.  Like many of our access yes areas, hunters will be required to sign up in advance before hunting.

Sign up here:

There are currently 6 designated hunt locations.  These locations were selected with public safety in mind. Blind structures will not be provided. Hunters will need to bring in supplies to make their own blind or use the natural habitat.  Everything must be taken down and removed after hunt is completed for the day.

Winchester blind sites

Winchester waterfowl map

Check out the map above for designated hunt locations.

All normal waterfowl hunting rules apply along with additional rules for Winchester Lake.  In addition to an Idaho hunting license, a migratory bird permit and federal duck stamp is required. Migratory bird permits are $1.75 for customers that are price locked and $2.75 without price lock. A federal duck stamp for $28.75 is also required to hunt waterfowl. Hunting licenses, migratory bird permits and federal duck stamps can be purchased online, at a regional Fish and Game office or at any license vendor. Federal duck stamps can also be purchased at any US post office location.

The following are specific rules hunters will be required to follow at Winchester Lake:

  • No hunting allowed within Winchester State Park fee area boundary. Hunting only allowed at locations marked on map. All locations are also marked with a white sign.
  • Max of 4 hunters per blind
  • Only hunt in the designated location that you registered for.
  • No motorized access is allowed. Walk-in or boat in only.
  • Leave the sites as you found them, do not leave any trash including shell casings. Pack it in, pack it out! No carcasses put in the state park trash cans or left on the grounds.
  • A.M. hunting hours are from half an hour before sunrise to 11:30.
  • P.M. hunting hours are from noon to sunset.
  • Sign up on IDFG website and carry proof of your registration with you.
  • Hunters can sign up 1 week in advance and are allowed to sign up a maximum of 3 times per week.
  • Safety first! Be courteous of other area users. This hunting opportunity will likely continue if respect and caution is used in your shooting zone around anglers, hikers and other hunters.

Hunting will begin on Saturday Nov. 4th.  Anyone interested in participating in the hunt please make sure to have the appropriate license and permits. Check out the website and sign up for a slot.  If you have questions, please contact the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Clearwater Region Office at (208) 799-5010.

Winchester waterfowl blind

A white sign is also posted at each numbered blind site indicating where waterfowl blinds should be set-up.
Winchester waterfowl blind

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